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Allergy diagnostics - SPOT Platinum

SPOT Platinum is the most speciffic and technologically sofisticated method of in-vitro allergy diagnostics. 

Spectrum Labs has performed allergy diagnostics for more than 20 years in 40 countries all over the world. Spectrum Labs provides speciffic testing and treatment methodology as well as consultations related to canine, feline and equine allergy. 

Why to chose SPOT Platinum? 

  • Maximal gain for the money 
  • Speed of testing
  • No need to invest in equipment 
  • The possibility to decrease or stop steroid treatment 
  • Detection of individual allergens  
  • Precision
  • Reliability
  • Content clients

Speciffics of the SPOT Platinum test 

Allergens in SPOT Platinum test are speciffically selected for the Baltic countires and are devided into pannels. For cats and dogs it is possible to detect 91 allergen: 


  • Inhalation allergens (grass, weeds, moulds, dust mites, animal epithelium)
  • Food allergens (ingredients freequently included in commercial animal food) 
  • Indoor allergens (wool, cotton, syzal etc.) 
  • Fleas 
  • Staphylococcus 
  • Malassezia 
  • Moulds 

How SPOT Platinum test is performed? 

Compared to conventional ELISA tests in SPOT Platinum allergens are bound to the plate by covalent bounds that decreases the possibility of a false negative result and crossreaction between the blocking serum and antigen-antibody complex is Ir izslēgta krossreakcija starp bloķējošo šķīdumu un alergēnu-antivielu kompleksu.
Methodology employed in SPOT Platinum test ensures that concurrent antibody effect is reduced thus making the test sensitive and speciffic.  

Results are quantitative and are given for all the tested allergens: 

0-99 Negative
100-5 000 Positive.


Based on the test results, individual treatment/hyposensitization set can be manufactured. This treatment set consists of thre vials with different allergen concentrations. Following the injection schedule and monitoring the treatment effect, hyposensitization usually takes nine months. After hyposensitization maintenance treatment is continued for the life of the animal. Each vial (hyposensitization and maintenance) can contain up to 20 allergens. 

Treatment sets are manufactured by Spectrum Labs and they can be ordered via Vetfonds. Treatment Diary with the injection schedule as well as information booklet are available for vets and animal owners. 

In the cases of food allergy the only treatment option is to avoid the allergens responsible for the clinical signs. Spectrum Labs in cooperation with the bigest pet food manufacturers has created a list of food ingredients, that is modified for each tested animal to include the pet food that does not contain the harmful allergens; list is provided without additional charge. 

How to send the sample?

Any veterinarian can send the sample and the documentation to Vetfonds and we will do the rest. At the visit to your veterinarian 6-10 ml of blood will be drawn from your animal. The test requires 3-5 ml of serum. 

How and when to expect the results?

Your veterinarian will receive the results as an e-mail attachment approximately 2 weeks after the sample has been received at Vetfonds. Your veterinarian will contact you and discuss the results. If you wish to receive the results your e-mail address should be mentioned at the anamnesis sheet. 

How to interpret the results?

In your e-mail you will receive: 
- SPOT Platinum test results - list of the allergens with a quantitative representation of the IgE concentrations against each of the allergens 
- List of the pet food that does not contain food allergens that tested positive for your animal.