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Optixcare Eye Lube Plus 15 g

Optixcare Eye Lube Plus 15 g

Optixcare Eye Lube Plus combines hyaluron and carbomer resulting in a hydrogel synergy where there is a sustained release of hydrophilic carbomer delivery matrix that is infused with nourishing and hydrating hyaluron. The carbomer gel offers a viscosity to the gel that causes it to remain on the cornea for an extended period of time. This viscosity also allows for easy control of the drop as it is applied to the eye. Optixcare Eye Lube gel immediately becomes more liquid on contact with the salt in tears. Because of the water base and the gel viscosity, only one drop per eye is needed.

  • Rapidly disperses to protect the cornea and conjunctiva
  • Clings to the surface of the eye to ease the discomfort of dry eye
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication for improved patient comfort
  • Formulated with a consistency that is easy to apply
  • Helps to minimize ocular dehydration during anesthesia
  • Very safe and non-irritating
  • For use in dogs, cats and horses

OptixCare is used also as a corneal protectant and lubricant during anesthesia or sedation and as adjunctive care to lubricate and protect dry eyes [keratoconjunctivitis sicca, KCS]

Instill 1-2 drops in one or both eyes as often as needed or as directed by your veterinarian. 

Ingredients: Sterile water, sorbitol, carbomer, hyaluron, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, cetrimide. Warnings: If patient experiences discomfort, eye pain or irritation of the eye, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. To avoid contamination of the tube and contents avoid touching the eye or any other surface with the tip. Recap after use. If multiple eye medications are prescribed ask your veterinarian the correct order and timing for each to be given. Discard open tube after 30 days. 

Packaging: Sterile lubricant. 15g ready to dispense "stand up" tube. Store at room temperature.