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Here are published links to catalogs from companies we are cooperating with.

If you have any question about any product, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Various catalogs

EICKEMEYER veterinary ophthalmology instruments - catalog for download (Germany)

EICKEMEYER anesthesia instruments  - catalog for download (Germany)

EICKEMEYER consumables catalog for download (Germany)

FALCON dental instruments for small animals - catalog for download (Poland)

FIONIAVET products - catalog for download (Denmark)

HAUPTNER - HERBERHOLZ products  - catalog for download (Germany)

Karl - Bollman - drug and instrument bags for veterinary practice  - catalog for download (Germany)

LIVETRAP - animal handling equipment, traps digital catalog (USA)

NEKTON - complementary foods for birds - catalog for download (Germany)

NEKTON - complementary foods for reptiles - catalog for download (Germany)

VETNOVA - complementary foods for pets - catalog for download (Spain)

GIMA - products for veterinary and human medicine - digital catalog (Italy)

DELTALAB - laboratory equipment - digital catalog (Spain)

JORGENSEN - veterinary instruments - digital catalog (USA)

ERLER ZIMMER - veterinary anatomical models - digital catalog (Germany)

EICKEMEYER - orthopedy - digital catalog (Germany)

Surgical sutures

SERAG - Absorbable stures - catalog for download (Germany)

SERAG - Non-absorbable sutures - catalog for download (Germany)

SERAG - pocket guide - catalog for download (Germany)

Poducts for dogs and cats

NEKTON - complementary foods for dogs and cats - catalog for download (Germany)

KERBL - products for pets - digital catalog (Germany)

PETEDGE - for groomers - digital catalog (USA)


KERBL - products for livestockcatalog for download (Germany)

NASCO Farm and ranchcatalog for download (USA)


VETNOVA - complementary foods for horses catalog for download (Spain)

HORSE DENTAL EQUIPMENT -  catalog for download (France)

KERBL - horse and rider equipment - digital catalog (Germany)