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In cooperation with our colleagues from USA and Germany, we  provide you with consultations on the test results. Please e-mail us your questions: 

  • Easy, fast and convinient shipping of the samples 
  • Shipping charge to USA: 35.00 €, to Laboklin- 14.52 €
  • We provide specialist consultations 
  • We provide FedEx envelopes, test tubes etc. shipment materials 

More than 1000 laboratory tests are available to help you with your diagnosis. You can chose between a single test or vast array of test profiles (3-30 tests). 


Laboratory tests - target organs/systems 


Liver, hematology 


Gastrointestinal tract 

Kidneys, Urine 

Infectious diseases 


Miscelaneous tests 


Speciffic tests per animal species 

Exotic animals

Swine, horses 




Genetic tests 

Genetic testing will help to detect: 

  • if animal has a inherited disease 
  • colour, length, type of coat 
  • paternity / maternity
  • affiliation to the breed 
  • blood group

Genetic tests per species:

Cats- alphabetical 

Cats -per breed (in German) 

Dogs - alphabetical 

Dogs -  per breed (in English) 

Horses and cattle


ALP - alkaline phosphatase
AA– autoantibodies
AB - antibodies 
AFP - Alfa-fetoproteins
alfa HBDH - alfa hidroxibytirate
ALT - alanine aminotransferase
AP - alkaline phosphatase
APV-avian polioma virus
AST - aspartat aminotrasferase 
Beta HBS - sirpjveida anēmijas
BUN- blood urea nitrogen 
CBC - complete blood count 
CCV-canine corona virus 
CDV - canine distemper virus 
CEA - carcinoembryonic antigen
CEM -   contagious equine metritis 
ChHV– chelnoid herpes virus 
CHV - canine herpes virus
CK - creatininkinase
CPK - creatinine phosphokinase
CPIV - canine parainfluenza virus 
CPSE - canine prostate specific esterase
CPV - canine parvovirus 
CRP - C-reactive protein 
EHV - equine herpes virus 
ELISA - enzyme linked immunosorbent assay 
FCoV - feline coronavirus 
FCV - feline calicivirus 
FeLV - feline leukemia virus 
FHV - feline herpes virus 
FIP - feline infectious peritonitis 
FIV - feline imunedeficiency virus 
FPV - feline parvovirus 
FSME - Frühsommer- meningoencephalitis
fT4 - free tyroxine
Gamma GT - gamma glutamiltransferase
GGT - gamma glutamiltranspeptidase
GI-gastrointestinal tests
GLDH - glutamate degydrogenase 
GS - glutathyon
HBDH - hidroksibutyrate degydrogenase 
HCC - hepatocelular carcinoma
HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin 
MCH - mean hemoglobin concentration 
HCT - hematocrit
HGB - hemoglobine
IFAT - indirect fluorescent antibody test
IGF - insulin-like growth factor 
LDH - laktate dehydrogenase 
LT -  litium heparine 
MCHC - mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration 
MCV - mean corpuscular volume 
MIC - minimal inhibitory concentration 
MIFC - monolithic integrated flow circuit
MIRG - modified insulin to glucose ratio
MRSA - methicilline resistant S. aureus
NEFA - nonesterified fatty acids 
O&P - ova and parasites 
PBFD - psitacine beak and feather disease 
PCR - polymerase chain reaction 
PLI - pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity 
PMSG - pregnant mare serum gonadotropin 
PPT– partial prothrombin time 
PT - prothrombin time 
PTT - partial tromboplastin time 
RBS - red blood cells 
RISQUI -  reverse inverse square of insulin 
SAA - serum amyloid A
T3 - triiodothyronine
T4 - thyroxine
TBE- tick borne encephalitis
TLI - tripsin-like immunoreactivty
TP - total protein
TRH - thyroid releasing hormone
TSH - thyroid stimulating hormone
UA - urine analysis
U-P/C - urine protein: creatinine ratio
URD- upper respiratory disease
WBC - white blood cells

In collaboration with Urollith Center at University of Minnesota (USA) you can analyse the chemical composition of the uroliths. 

The known composition will be essential in order to chose

the right treatment. 

Our service includes: 

- Safe shipment of the sample 
- Shipment fees 
- Economy of your time ( we execute the shipment, fill in the documents (including the statement on the safety of animal material) 
- Tracking of the shipment 
- Results are e-mailed to your e-mail account. 

The following uroliths can be detected: 

- Canine Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (Struvite) Uroliths

Canine Calcium Phosphate Carbonate Uroliths

- Canine Calcium Oxalate Uroliths

- Canine Calcium Oxalate and Struvite Combination Uroliths

- Canine Urate Uroliths

- Canine Calcium Phosphate Uroliths

- Canine Cystine Uroliths

- Canine Silica Uroliths

- Feline Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (Struvite) Uroliths

- Feline Calcium Oxalate Uroliths
- Feline Calcium Phosphate Uroliths
- Feline Urate Uroliths 

The results (type of the urolith, recomendations for treatment and prohpylaxis) in English will be sent to your e-mail in 3 weeks time. If needed Vetfonds can provide the translation of the results to Latvian. 

If you are interested in the urolith analylsis, please send dried uroliths in a sealed (zip-lock) plastic bag to Universitates Vetfonds. The address:  Kr. Helmaņa 2a-21, Jelgava LV3004.



Submission form (LV)

Example of the results

You have a patient that needs a diagnosis. 

1) Call Universitātes Vetfonds 00 37163021963 or 00 37129472933 (Ieva), you can clarify:

- what tests should be requested 
- what sample tubes will be needed
- specify the details of the shipment 
- specify the price 
- specify the timing of the results 
- specify the time when FedEx courier can pick up the sample 

2) We will e-mail you filled-in paperwork for the FedEx needs. Or you can send the sample to us and we will send it to the laboratory together with all the necessery paperwork. We ship all our samples with the FedEx courier (from Riga it takes 1-2 days to arrive in Laboklin, 2-3 days in DCPAH. The results will be ready in 1-5 days.  

If the sample is sent from Jelgava we need to add 1-3 days. The cost of FedEx International Priority shipment is 35.00 EUR. 


3) As soon as we receive the results we e-mail them to you. 

4) If you require a consultation on the results - please send your questions to Your requests will be forwarded (translated if needed) to specialists in USA, Germany. 

Laboratory subbmision forms

DCPAH subbmission form (ENG)

LABOKLIN submission form -  general tests(ENG)

LABOKLIN submission form -  GENETIC tests for dogs (ENG)

LABOKLIN submission form - GENETIC tests for cats (ENG)

LABOKLIN submission form - general tests for horses (ENG)

LABOKLIN submission form - general tests for reptiles, fish, amfibians (ENG)

BOSE submission form for equine export (ENG)


Allergy diagnostic - submission forms:

Anamnesis form  ( LV- ENG)

Anamnesis form - fill in on PC (LV -ENG)

Alergy diagnostic - information

Allergen list  (LT)

Allergen list Baltic countries for Dogs and Cats (English - Latvian - Lithuanian - Estonian)