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Is your pet scratching? ... it could be an allergy!

Can animals really have allergies? Yes!

Animals, just like humans, can have allergies.

More than 30% of all skin irritations are in fact allergic reactions.   

Universitātes Vetfonds in collaboration with Spectrum Labs (USA) offers allergy testing for dogs, cats and horses, with the lab results veterinarians also get an advice on the diet changes for the tested animal. Veterinarians also have a possibility to provide their allergic patients with a hyposensitization treatment that is speciffically manufactured by Spectrum Labs based on the allergy test results of each animal.

Our collaboration with Spectrum Labs started in 2009, since then we have tested 251 animal and approximately half of those have underwent the hyposensitization therapy. The other half, however, just needed their diet to be changed! 

Practicing veterinarians are an integral part of the diagnostic workup of the allergic patient - they are informing Spectrum Labs of the clinical sympthoms, anamnesis and, ofcourse, providing the treatment. 

We are proud to help our vets, animal owners and animals in dealing with this tricky disease.