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Information for veterinarians

Here you will find useful information on the sample submission and other issues related to the allergy diagnostics in Spectrum Labs.


What sample is needed for the testing - blood or serum?

Allergy diagnostics are performed in serum. Ideally 3 ml of serum are needed, minimum of 1.5 ml can be sufficient, however, laboratory can not perform any additional or repeated testing. Hemolysis and lipemia can affect the testing if they are severe, so they should be avoided.  

Below, on the left you can see a clear serum sample, lipemic sample in the middle and hemolysed sample on the right.

How to obtain a serum sample? 

In order to obtain 3 ml of serum you need to draw 6-10 ml of blood. Use the red-top (biochemistry) vacutainer tube without the anticoagulant.

To obtain a serum you need to centrifuge the tube with blood or leave it overnight in the fridge - the blood cells will settle leaving clear serum on the top of the tube. Serum then should be pipetted in to Spectrum plastic tube that is suitable for the postage to Vetfonds and to Spectrum Labs. 

Where can I obtain Spectrum tubes?

You can order Spectrum serum tubes in Vetfonds free of charge or make a note when making your routine orders. Phone number: 00 371 63021963.

Where and how do I send the serum?

Serum should be shiped in the Spectrum tube, hermetically closed and labeled. You need to fill out the anamnesis form and send it together with the serum sample. If the owner of the animal wishes to receive the results, please note their e-mail address on the form.

If you practice in Riga, please notify us by phone that you have a sample for testing and our courier will take the sample to our office. 

From other locations you can use Latvias Pasts or other couriers to send the sample to Vetfonds. We will reimburse the postage fee (2.20 Euro). 

Anamnesis form can be downloaded here šeit!

When do I receive the results?

Usually the results are received 10-14 days after the sample has been shiped to Spectrum Labs. 

Please note that the testing will only be performed after the bill has been payed. 

The results and feeding suggestions will be sent via e-mail attachment to you and the owner (if you noted their e-mail address). 

Whoom can I ask more information? 

- Vetfonds 00 371 63021963

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