Order lab tests :: Universitātes Vetfonds


You have a patient that needs a diagnosis. 

1) Call Universitātes Vetfonds 00 37163021963 or 00 37129472933 (Ieva), you can clarify:

- what tests should be requested 
- what sample tubes will be needed
- specify the details of the shipment 
- specify the price 
- specify the timing of the results 
- specify the time when FedEx courier can pick up the sample 

2) We will e-mail you filled-in paperwork for the FedEx needs. Or you can send the sample to us and we will send it to the laboratory together with all the necessery paperwork. We ship all our samples with the FedEx courier (from Riga it takes 1-2 days to arrive in Laboklin, 2-3 days in DCPAH. The results will be ready in 1-5 days.  

If the sample is sent from Jelgava we need to add 1-3 days. The cost of FedEx International Priority shipment is 35.00 EUR. 


3) As soon as we receive the results we e-mail them to you. 

4) If you require a consultation on the results - please send your questions to info@vetfonds.lv. Your requests will be forwarded (translated if needed) to specialists in USA, Germany.